The Beatgirls is a fully produced, costumed and choreographed musical event that gets a room dancing, singing and socialising. And even as the Beatgirls become an international success, their management - Total Entertainment - has remained committed to the concept of the 'tailored' party. "We still have our own show that we perform at arts festivals," says manager Billy Watkins, "but every event has a slightly different audience and focus, so we also craft a show to the particular event."

Total Entertainment's global reputation with clients such as General Motors, the IOC, Variety and Sports Illustrated has been built on the back of complete flexibility in how a show is produced. "The girls are trained and rehearsed in hundreds of songs and dances," says Sanders. "The shows can be tailored without any loss of quality."

The Total Entertainment production team consults with event organisers to ensure that all needs are met and contingencies allowed for. From lighting and song selections to seating placement and special presentations, Total Entertainment approaches its production responsibilities as seriously as it presents the performance.

Total Entertainment understands that blending the fun aspect of the band with the serious 'message' of the event is a potentially difficult transition and the team has developed production systems to ensure there's a seamless blend of the two. You never have a second chance to make a first impression, and the Beatgirls' testimonials show how important this is to clients.


The test of a good corporate show is the ability to keep many different clients entertained while maintaining a consistent core of professionalism across all shows. The Beatgirls have proven this ability over the years with a range of clients and functions. Clients include:

Corporate Functions:

Air New Zealand
Sun Microsystems
Ernst & Young
Sports Illustrated
David Grant Special Events
Montana Wines


Ernst & Young
Chapman Tripp
Air NZ
Deutsche Bank...

Product launches

Not all corporate events are of the 'party' variety; product launches have their own requirements in terms of content and tone. The Beatgirls have extensive experience in creating memorable moments for releasing new products to customers and clients. They include.

Shows & festivals

The Beatgirls have never stopped entertaining at public events. From the Hastings Blossom Festival to Wellington's premier theatre - Downstage - the Beatgirls are still actively involved with arts festivals and special cultural events.

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Promotions & Events

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The Beatgirls have proved their multi-disciplinary abilities time and again in so many environments. This capacity extends to television where they have enlivened all sorts of shows from lotto draws to Battle of the Ballroom.

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Kids Parties

Introducing the new children's show. The Lollipop Hour! Over the years we've noticed that the kids love the BeatGirls, so we've developed a show exclusively for them based aroud songs such as My Boy Lollipop, ABC, It's My Party, What's New Pussycat, Locomotion and more.

The Lollipop Hour is packed with bright costumes games and fun and promises to entertain parents as well. Watch this space!