Plan an Event

The Beatgirls is a unique event experience, there is an element of the personal touch to every gig. Together we work with our clients to craft the set list from our repertoire, creating the right vibe for your evening or event.

Book the Beatgirls, and you will have your entertainment taken care of. However, there are other things to consider when planning a memorable party or event. We have compiled some information to help you design your event to perfection.

Event planning tips can come from anywhere; parties you've attended, magazines and library resources or more conveniently, the internet. Before you initiate the research process, create a task list. Your list should contain all the elements needed for seamless event production. Venue selection, catering, tent or flatware rentals, entertainment, invitations and favors are just a snippet of the planning and preparation that goes into event production.

The key to a great event is in the details. Do this by visualizing your definition of a flawless event, then note all the intricate details you need to create that winning outcome. Ask yourself questions - will people be comfortable to dance and clap? Are there places near the stage for people to watch the show from, or tables close to the stage for them to comfortably 'hide' behind until they are ready to boogie? What will people do when they need a break from dancing? How can you ensure that people won't talk through the performances? How will you make sure no one gets too drunk? How will you give people the message that the party is over, and its time to wrap it up without ruining their 'vibe' and send them home on a high note?

The best event is one where everyone feels comfortable and at ease so they allow themselves to relax enough to have a great time (ideally without a huge hangover in the morning!) If you keep this goal in mind as you plan then it will help you make decisions and ensure the best event possible. One final tip, don't plan a party for a night that coincides with the rugby or your turnout may be poor!

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