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   Behind the Beatgirls


But success in Sydney is not where this story ends. Life intervened, and a move back to New Zealand was the result. "I was hit by this strange hormonal thing in Sydney," Andrea enthuses, her arms thrown wide. "I just wanted to be around family." The trans-Tasman flight became "like a bus for us, didn't it honey," Billy says. It was out of control, they say. And now? A huge lifestyle change has taken place over recent years, following the birth of their daughter, Tara. If it is possible for Billy and Andrea to become any more passionate, it happens now. Stories tumble out, taking shape around this four year old star in their eyes. "Since she has been born, our life has been so much more fortuitous," Andrea says. "We have been able to let go a little bit." Billy leans across the table, glass poised. "And by letting go, we were able to move forward," he quips, with impeccable timing.

The pair are now based in Pauatahanui, where they aim to live an "holistic lifestyle," Andrea laughs. With an office at home, Andrea and Billy organise three different groups of Beatgirls - four girls based in Sydney, two in Wellington and six in Auckland. Andrea deals with performance design, auditions and choreography, while Billy focuses on business negotiations and production.

They both continue to hit the stage, with Andrea clocking up around three performances a week as a Beatgirl. If you were in any doubt as to why they continue to live this crazy life, Andrea puts these to rest. "I love performing, and I love music. I get a kick out of thinking that we are like healers in a way, by providing music that people can get a release to. You can really make the audience go off - you might be thinking that they will be a little sore tomorrow from the roly-poly you just saw them do over the table, but you know that they have had a great time." Los Angeles, here they come.